SBG roofing is a company based in Crosby, TX. We have over 20 years experience in the roofing industry and serviced many clients in the Crosby and Greater Houston area. Our team of professional roofers can have your project completed in as little as 1 day and with the highest rated quality in Crosby. If your roof is leaking or has damage give us a call today for a free inspection!

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Crosby Roofing Services

Full Roof Replacements

SBG Roofing specializes in residential roof replacements, and has many satisfied customers in the Crosby area. We use the best materials on the market for our roofing systems and use all of the current technology and techniques to install our roofs. When we build a roof we build it to last!

Roof Repairs and Tune Ups

Is your roof beginning to leak? Do you have damage around your skylights or chimney? We can find leaks on your roof and get them patched up! If your roof just needs a quick tune up and gutter cleaning we can do that as well.

Siding and Gutters

We also provide siding and gutters to match your new roof. We use James Hardie for our siding and offer a wide range of gutter options. Learn More

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Materials We Use

We like to use the best materials in the industry for our customers. All of our roofing systems are built with lifetime rated products and have lifetime manufacturer warranties. Here’s a list of the brands and products we use:

IKO Architectural Shingles (50 yr lifetime shingles)

We use IKO shingles for all of our residential roofing systems. They are our preferred material because of their durability and quality. All IKO shingles come with a lifetime warranty and

Roofnado Synthetic Felt

We use Roofnado synthetic felt for our underlayment due to its ability to keep water from entering your roof while being able to ventilate heat and moister from your attic. This keeps your roof from getting too hot and causing issues with nails and blisters.

Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shield is a membrane that goes in valley’s and around penetrations to add a water proof barrier. It self seals nails for a watertight install and has a self adhering backer for an added layer of protection.

Areas in Crosby We Serve

We commonly serve Newport, Crosby Estates, McKinneys, Burris, Crosby Square, and Runneberg Estates.

Newport Roof Replacement

Crosby Office Info

Project Manager: Toller Spear

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